Welcome to Khan's Sweet Kitchen! I'm Ugeshni Khan- baker, cook, food enthusiast and the face behind Khan's Sweet Kitchen. KSK is a place where I share my love of food with you. Here you will find recipes galore with some handy tips and tricks to help you out in the kitchen. Take a look around, enjoy the pretty pictures, try a recipe and tell me how it turned out!

More about me
I am of South Indian decent. I was born and raised in South Africa. I moved to New Zealand when I was a teenager and I’ve never felt the need to leave.
I am a self taught "Jill of all trades". I've dabbled in all sorts including engineering, IT, makeup artistry, cooking and of course baking. I enjoy everything I do, but baking and dessert making (and consuming) is definitely the most enjoyable. My sweet tooth actually comes from my mother. Mum is well known for her baking and sweet meat (mithai) making amongst family, friends and co-workers. My brother and I were very spoilt as children as Mum made all our birthday cakes when we were growing up. She outdid herself every year without fail! She taught me the basics of baking when I was quite young. It's something I took for granted until I left home and kickstarted my passion again. All that I know about baking now stems from what I learned from my beloved mother!