What is your nationality?

I am of South Indian decent. I am the 3rd generation of Indians in South Africa. South Africa is the country at the very bottom of the African continent. I left there when I was quite young and I currently reside in New Zealand.

Are you qualified?
I have no qualifications relating to the food or hospitality industry. Everything I know I've either learnt from my mother or have taught myself.

Do you take orders?
Sorry, I do not take orders.

Do you speak any other languages?
I was raised to speak only English. I've since learned some hindi and I am currently learning Arabic for religious purposes.

Food Related
How do you get your frosting do smooth?
How do you balance all the sweets?
I'm making a cake, what's the easiest frosting that isn't buttercream?
Chocolate ganache. It's quick and easy and it isn't sickly sweet.